Kevin Wilkinghoff

Kevin Wilkinghoff

I am a research associate at Fraunhofer FKIE. Mainly, I am interested in classifying audio signals with a focus on open-set classification problems. Among the topics I am working on are speaker recognition, keyword spotting, and acoustic scene/event classification.

Apart from my research activities I am passionate about swimming/cycling/running and playing guitar/piano.


Kölner VDI Förderpreis, 18.1.2019
I received a second award for my Master's Thesis Neural Networks in Speaker Identification, namely the Kölner VDI Förderpreis 2018 (third prize). Click here for additional information (in German).

AFCEA Bonn Studienpreis, 30.8.2018
My Master's Thesis Neural Networks in Speaker Identification has been awarded with the AFCEA Bonn Studienpreis 2018 (first prize). More information can be found here (in German).